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Gas Fitting


As well as offering a wide range of plumbing services, Swish Plumbing are licensed and insured gas fitters. Whether you are looking to install a new instantaneous gas hot water system, or a new gas heater to keep warm in the cooler months, Swish are the gas fitters you can trust to get the job done.

Should you ever find yourself hearing a hissing sound around the home or smelling gas fumes, don’t panic. Swish Plumbing is ready to take your call. We will get there as soon as possible to assess the issue and make sure your service is restored to working order in a safe and timely manner.

Gas Fitting

What to do if you have a gas leak

  • Turn off all your appliances.
  • Locate your gas meter and shut off your gas supply.
  • Open all doors and windows to allow ventilation.
  • Contact a Swish plumbing to investigate the leak and carry out the necessary works to get your system back up and running safely.
  • Avoid open flames within the vicinity and refrain from using any electrical appliances that could cause a spark until your plumber has attended and completed your gar repairs.

Gas Fitting FAQs

In Sydney, a licensed gas fitter should have completed a Certificate III in Gas Fitting and be registered with the NSW Fair Trading. Ensure they carry a valid license card.

Yes, it’s essential to use a licensed gas fitter for any gas installation, repair, or maintenance work. This ensures safety standards are met and avoids potential hazards.

If you suspect a gas leak, immediately turn off the gas supply, open windows and doors for ventilation, avoid using electrical devices, and call a licensed gas fitter or emergency services right away. Always prioritize safety.


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